Episode 107: Bride of the Monster

In this episode, we take a look at one of Ed Wood’s contributions to movie making with the Bride of the Monster!  This is one of his collaborations with Bela Lugosi, who looks and sounds like he’s having a blast being on camera again, even though this would prove to be his last speaking role on film.  Plus, Tor Johnson lumbers around as Lobo, and Megan evaluates his worthiness as a quality goon.

Episode 106: mother!

In this episode, we take a look at the 2017 Darren Aronofsky film, mother! It’s very clearly a Biblical allegory involving the extra character of Mother Earth, played by Jennifer Lawrence, that quickly turns into a Where’s Waldo of “Hey Look It’s That Bible Story!” While it’s not a very good movie, Eric still somehow kind of finds it intriguing.

Episode 105: Waterworld

In this episode, we take a look at the 1995 Kevin Costner vanity project, Waterworld!  It’s actually not the worst movie, it’s just not that great… and we’re pretty sure that everybody had hit maximum Kevin Costner levels when it was being made, so it was easy to hate on.  There’s nothing really that exceptional in it except the boat, which is super cool.  The boat is the real star.

Episode 104: The Adventures of Robin Hood

In this episode, we take a look back at a classic from the olden days of Technicolor with the 1938 adventure film, the Adventures of Robin Hood!  Even though this story has been told many times over on the silver screen, there’s something about this version that still holds up over so many decades as one of the best to watch.  We spared you the extended costume talk segment, but just know that the entire movie is deserving of an in-depth discussion of gowns (and tights).

Episode 103: Ringo

In this episode, we talk about the 1978 made for TV movie, featuring the “funny” Beatle of the same name, Ringo! It’s a heartwarming tale of two Ringos one famous and the other not, that sing their way through 45 minutes of not much plot into something that resembles the Star Wars Holiday Special and a Frank Zappa movie with a lot of the same people involved including Carrie Fisher and Art Carney.  The 70s had one bucket of stars to use, people.  AND THEY USED THEM.

Episode 102: Clash of the Titans

In this episode, we take a look at the original and remake of one of Megan’s favorites, Clash of the Titans!  Let’s try and figure out how a fun adventure tale featuring Harry Hamlin’s blank stare, Harryhausen animations and a robot owl turned into a gritty tale involving not auto tuned Olympian gods, sorcerer ents and an actually good use of CGI monster animation.

Episode 101: B-Fest Double Feature!

In celebration of our favorite weekend (which we sadly weren’t able to go to this year), we watched a double feature of B-Fest movies from the 2018 lineup of films!  First up, we saw a confusing live action Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon disguised as a western called The Villain, starring Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann-Margret’s boobs and a horse named Whiskey, which also included every 1970s character actor that Eric has on speed dial in his brain but you’ve probably never heard of.  Our second pick was Dolls, starring the guy that took over the Puppet Master franchise and pretty much nobody else, which is pretty much just that one part of Barbarella Megan likes a lot and isn’t mad that she watched for 77 minutes.  Happy B-Fest everyone!

Episode 100: Snowpiercer

We celebrate our 100th episode by finally tackling Megan’s white whale… Snowpiercer!  It’s a special gift to us on this Cinema Supercollider milestone that we will never, ever, ever have to watch this rage inducing piece of filmmaking again.

Episode 99: The Girl Most Likely To…

In this episode, we look at the Stockard Channing made-for-TV movie about an ugly duckling turned beautiful swan out for revenge, The Girl Most Likely To…!  When life gets you down, a car accident will fix everything, including your face.  We also learn that all of those random electives you took in college, while worthless in day to day life, are actually perfect for expanding the skill sets of any aspiring serial killers out there.

Episode 98: Sports of the Future

Happy New Year, loyal listeners! Why huddle around your television sets to watch modern day football today when you could treat yourself to the sportsball of the future, like those seen in The Blood of Heroes and Rollerball?  Those were the movies we watched for this week and they involve a lot more death than tossing around the ol’ pigskin does.