Episode 8: Hundra

In this episode, we discuss the 1983 feminist barbarian action film, Hundra!  Hundra’s kicking ass, taking names and having babies because that’s what the oracle tells her to do. Let’s take a journey in which what’s best in life is to crush all men, see men driven before you and hear the lamentations of the men!

Episode 7: Beatles Films (Without the Beatles)

In this episode, we discuss three Beatles movies that don’t feature the actual Beatles:  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Yellow Submarine and Across the Universe.  Some were more successful than others and one had George Burns and some creepy robot ladies in it.  Let’s meet the (not) Beatles!

Music credits for this episode:
“Because” – performed by Alice Cooper, written by Lennon-McCartney
“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” – performed by Steve Martin, written by Lennon-McCartney
“Got to Get You Into My Life” – performed by Joe Pesci, written by Lennon-McCartney

Episode 6 – Six String Samurai

In this episode, we take a journey through the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Lost Vegas with a rock ‘n roll samurai and his kid sidekick in Six String Samurai.  Join us for our discussion of this cult classic, or else the Spinach Monster will get you!

Music credits for this episode:
“Rave On” by Buddy Holly
“Scorchi Chornie” by The Red Elvises, Grooving to the Moscow Beat
“The United States of Russia” by Bryan Tyler, Six String Samurai OST
“Love Pipe” by The Red Elvises, Surfing In Siberia

For more information about The Red Elvises, please visit their official website at http://www.redelvises.com/


Episode 5: ROAR

In this episode, we look at the insanity that is ROAR!  No animals were harmed in the making of this film, but at least 70 cast and crew members were. It took ten years to make, five years to film, and several decades to finally be screened for US audiences, thanks to the folks at Drafthouse Films.  Roar just might be the most dangerous film ever made!


Next week, we’re talking about what might be the most dangerous, stupid film that human beings ever endeavored to make – ROAR. At least 70 members of the cast and crew – including Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith – were injured during the making of this film. Despite that, they stuck it out for 5 years to get the thing done. What happens when you put a few dozen untrained lions and tigers in close proximity to squishy human actor people? ROAR.