Episode 11 – The Crow: Wicked Prayer

In this episode, we discuss the final installment of The Crow, a film filled with actors who clearly signed on as a way to finish paying off the mortgage on their summer home. While not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, it’s still a guilty pleasure of Megan. Grab a Sharpie, put on a Cure album and enjoy the finest devil’s food peyote cake while we offer up some Wicked Prayers!

Episode 9: Flash Gordon

In this episode, we hop a ride to the planet Mongo to discuss the 1980 action adventure film, Flash Gordon! The visuals are dazzling to look at, the Queen soundtrack is definitely rockin’… but it’s kind of a shame that Sam Jones as Flash Gordon is such a boring brick of meat. Megan also tells Eric exactly what she thinks of laundry.

Music credits for this episode:
“Stone Cold Crazy” – written and performed by Queen
“The Hero” – written and performed by Queen
“Flash’s Theme” – written and performed by Queen
“Football Fight” – written and performed by Queen
“The Ritual/Ancient Battle/Second Kroykah” – composed by Gerald Fried