Episode 29: It Conquered the World

In this episode, we take a look at the infamous Roger Corman b-movie, It Conquered the World!  Beverly Garland kicks butt, Lee Van Cleef sells out the human race and we learn exactly why it’s so important to leave the horrifying details of your alien menace in the imaginations of your viewers.  If you don’t, you find yourself staring down a medium-ish sea cucumber with tentacles and a badly rendered face.

EARLY WARNING: Roller Boogie

EARLY WARNING: Next week, we’re gonna rock it with Linda Blair in Roller Boogie!

Because Linda Blair is a super awesome person in addition to being a super fun actress to watch on screen, you should all take a minute to check out her Linda Blair Worldheart animal rescue/welfare foundation over at their official website. Put on some Boogie Wonderland and adopt and/or hug a dog, people. http://www.lindablairworldheart.org/

Episode 27: City Dragon

In this episode, we discuss the gem that is City Dragon, featuring the trio of MC Kung Fu, Philthy Phil and an idiot named Rick.  If you believe the summary on the DVD box, they’re out to bring justice to the streets. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN.  What does happen? Night swims in song form, playground romps, an aversion to shirts, questionable fashion and lots and lots of business jobs doing business with business people.  We had so much to say that the episode is actually longer than the movie run time.  It’s just that good, people.