Episode 34: A Boy and His Frog

In this episode, we smash up TWO post-apocalyptic movies that share some similar plot devices.  First, we look at the 1975 film, A Boy and His Dog, starring Don Johnson and based on an award-winning novella by Harlan Ellison.  Next up, we take on the Roddy Piper vehicle, Hell Comes to Frogtown, that features one of Megan’s favorite lines of all time.  One is a somewhat serious look at what happens after the world burns and the other is a campy exploitation film that features something called “The Dance of the Three Snakes.” How are they linked? Well, the protagonists both are tasked with impregnating all the fertile females they can find, because that’s how we repopulate the world, y’all.

Episode 33: Over the Top

In this episode, we take a look at another Sylvester Stallone masterpiece, Over the Top! It’s a heartwarming tale of a father and son getting to know each other on a road trip across the country.  Also, it tries really hard to make you think professional arm wrestling is super exciting and leads you to wonder is it Hawk or Hawkes that is the lead character. DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

Episode 32: Vamp

In this episode, we watched a Grace Jones movie that Megan had never seen before, the 1986 “After Hours” knockoff with vampires, Vamp.  It’s sort of a disservice to call this a Grace Jones film because she has no actual lines in it and is only on screen for about ten minutes total.  We hated it, which made Megan really sad because the idea of Grace Jones as a queen stripper vampire from Egypt sounds AMAZING.