Episode 38: House on Haunted Hill

In this episode, we talk about House on Haunted Hill, a 1959 horror creation from the king of the movie gimmick, William Castle!  Join us for an hour of walking down hallways, opening doors and listening to young women scream as Vincent Price lurks about in the background.  Also, new house upgrade is predicted: the Basement Acid Pit.

A point of clarification that got muddled in our early discussion of William Castle – he was both a movie director and producer for a number of films, including House on Haunted Hill, the Tingler, Mr. Sardonicus and many others.  He did not direct Rosemary’s Baby (that was Roman Polanski), he only produced that film.  His production gimmicks and promotion of his films far outshine the actual direction of the pictures, which was the point Megan meant to make.

Episode 37 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

In this episode, we tackle the only film in the franchise not to feature Michael Myers, Halloween III: Season of the Witch!  What does it take to be an Action Movie Doctor? What exactly is the point of making masks with tiny bits of Stonehenge in them, other than to turn kids into bugs and snakes?  Will you ever get the Silver Shamrock advertisement out of your head?  We answer these questions and more!

Episode 36: Sleepaway Camp

In this episode, we keep our month of Halloween movies rolling with the infamous 1983 summer camp slasher flick, Sleepaway Camp.  In a departure from our usual non-spoiler warning attitudes, this film has a very specific plot twist that you might not want to be spoiled about if you’re planning on seeing the movie at some point.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, go watch the movie and THEN listen to us talk about doctor’s notes and making out with people at band camp.