Episode 51: B-Fest 2017

In this episode, we recap our experience at B-Fest 2017, the annual 24 hour b-movie film festival from A&O Productions at Northwestern University.  We survived almost the entire thing and run down which films we liked, disliked and (in Megan’s case) slept through.  For more information about B-Fest and its history, visit the official website online at http://www.b-fest.com

5 thoughts on “Episode 51: B-Fest 2017

  1. Virtual B-Fest? V-Fest? Sounds legit.

    If you haven’t seen TRUTH OR DARE?: A CRITICAL MADNESS, it’s a slasher movie directed by an eighteen-year-old in Florida. The eight note synth theme that plays whenever the slasher drives around has been on a couple of B Fest discs in the past. Highly recommended for a bad movie night, because it is a semicompetent treasure and an absolute delight.

  2. Just discovered your podcast thanks to the joys of this episode (and the B-fest 2016 one). Kudos on getting it up the day after the Fest – don’t know where that kind of stamina comes from. Anyway, there’s pretty much nowhere on The Internets to engage with other geeks to actually discuss what went on, and most quality discussion of the movies at the actual festival tends to disappear once eyeballs start bleeding around hour 4 or so… so, really appreciated seeing you guys do it. Fun, if somewhat easier than usual festival this year (personally thought last year’s was one of the weakest in awhile… it’s all relative! – and that 2013 and 2014 were both kinda transcendent).

    Can’t agree with the comments about tweaking the location and timing. The idea of starting at 1400 on Sat wouldn’t really work for those of us who aren’t based in Chicago. People come from across the Midwest and, to a lesser degree, elswhere in the country for this thing. We’re used to maybe working a half-day on Friday (or making a holiday weekend out of it) in exchange for being done with the Fest on Sat evening, calming down enough to get some quality sleep soon afterward, and then having a recovery/travel day before the work week starts again. Ending the Fest on Sunday afternoon would not be a good idea.

    Anyway, laughing pretty hard at the full-length episode about _Future Hunters_, and will keep downloading here and there.

    • Thanks, Benjamin! Honestly, we really didn’t think about the folks that make a weekend out of B-Fest by travelling to Chicago for the festivities since we’re local, but your point is a good one. Since we often travel out of state for gaming conventions, the Friday start time is usually our preferred schedule as well. Makes for a much easier weekend, especially when you’ve been up all night with the likes of the Garbage Pail Kids Movie or Blood Mania.

      You can always use our online spaces to talk about B-Fest or b-movies in general. We’ve got communities on Facebook and Google+ and welcome discussion and suggestions for the podcast!

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