Episode 68: Soylent Green

In this episode, we look at the movie that everyone and their grandma knows the secret ending to, Soylent Green! It’s the future, the world is overpopulated and there’s a conspiracy afoot involving the Soylent corporation.  Charlton Heston chews scenery in his usual fashion and Edward G. Robinson delivers a touching final performance.  Also, Megan is not that squicked out about eating people if the world turns into an overpopulated dystopia.

Episode 66: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

In this episode, we take a look at the 1987 adventure and also sexytimes with Playboy Playmates movie, Hard Ticket to Hawaii! In case you are worried that it’s just a bunch of boobs on parade (it is), they threw in a drag queen spy, a rabid snake that ate too many cancer riddled rats who can also explode from toilets, the most dangerous game of frisbee ever and also a self-destructing cheese sandwich secret message. Sound dumb? It is. But also oddly satisfying.

Episode 65: All The Marbles

In this episode, we take a look at a story of the California Dolls, a women’s pro wrestling tag team, and their journey to the championship bout in All The Marbles!  It features one of our Cinema Supercollider favorite actresses, Laurene Landon, who is pretty damn great alongside Peter Falk (aka Colombo), who Megan really wanted to hate but ends up pulling off some impressive management stuff at the end and thus gets a pass with a serving of side eye.  Also, pretty sweet wrestling moves done by the actual actresses and Megan gets very excited about wrestling costumes.