Episode 67: Logan’s Run

In this episode, we look at a movie set in a future time when both Eric and Megan would have long since dead, Logan’s Run! The future holds super fun times for young people (at least until they turn 30) and a surprising overabundance of housecats in Congress.

2 thoughts on “Episode 67: Logan’s Run

  1. Appreciate the love for DS9 during the extended opening digression. And although Kirk and Picard are both rightfully iconic figures, Sisko emerged among a certain group of fans as the guy you send in when you’re not sure whether you’ll need an action hero or a brilliant diplomat. Avery Brooks in that role had the ability to go from zero to scenery-devour and back in an instant, as needed.

    Anyway, Logan’s Run! Saw that on TV as a pre-teen and was just the right age to eat up the premise and get a huge kick out of the trippy parts.. Always imagined it was one of the defining classics of its era and references to the movie (or at least the high concept) pop up everywhere. Had the same reaction to first learning that they tried to make it into a TV show – why? What else was there to say? Hadn’t really thought about the movie in years, though; worth another look sometime, probably. “Carrousel begins…”

    • I also really enjoyed the politics of DS9 and its ability to focus the lens for an extended period of time on one conflict (Cardassian/Bajourans). You get to immmerse yourself in a way with that series differently than the others because of the fixed point of the station. Avery Brooks was great and I liked that all of his relationships – family, crew, etc. – had depth and humanity to them, even when most of them happened to be with non-humans.

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