Episode 73: Face/Off

In this episode, we double down on our ham salad with the 1997 Nicolas Cage/John Travolta bonkers acting exercise, Face/Off!  These two gentlemen turn out performances that are as over the top as any we’ve seen so far on the show. Join us on our look at Cage pretending to be Travolta and Travolta pretending to be Cage!  Also, the unhinged spectre of a full month of Cage craziness may be on the horizon.

Episode 70: Double Trouble

In this episode, we take a look at the Barbarian Brothers, two muscle bound twins with questionable acting chops who are oddly compelling on camera, in their buddy cop movie, Double Trouble!  It’s sort of like smashing together Beverly Hills Cop with 48 Hours and then sticking it in a blender with Conan and an Olson Twins feature.  It’s predictable, but enjoyable.