Episode 77: Fiend Without a Face

In this episode, we take a look at the 1958 sci fi monster movie, Fiend Without a Face!  To modern eyes, this is a pretty tame one, but 60 years ago, it garnered an X rating from the Brits and was denounced for its gratuitous gore and violence.  The times, how they are a changing.

2 thoughts on “Episode 77: Fiend Without a Face

  1. Last few episodes have been entertaining. I enjoy the compare-and-contrast format you guys do once in awhile with the _Wicker Man_s and the _Avengers_s of the world.

    About R&RHS – By a funny bit of synergy, the day after listening to your episode, saw a review for an attempted sequel called _Rock & Roll High School Forever_ that I’m still not convinced is a real movie.

    About FWAF – As a proper square-jawed, red-blooded ‘Murican man, Eric ought to know that the correct pronunciation is “‘Murican.” Anyway, glad to see you incorporating some older schlock. They showed this one at B-fest 2010, but I had never heard any of the backstory behind the movie before; really interesting stuff. As you can imagine, it went over pretty well with a crowd that does have a taste for ’50s monsters (and a taste for the ma-carb). But the vast majority of the enthusiasm occurred during the last ten minutes, which were glorious to see with an audience, and I discovered listening to the podcast that I had no memory of the actual plot of the movie, or really anything that happened that wasn’t in the last ten minutes.

    • Eric still has some residual Swede in him. That’s gotta be it.

      We’re going to try and get back to rotating in more schlock. We love old schlock. We’ve got an episode on Terror in the Jungle coming up that should be amusing.

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