Episode 85: Silent Running

In this episode, we take a look at Silent Running, a 1972 post-apocalyptic science fiction film starring Bruce Dern!  It’s the story of a space hippie trying to save the last remaining plants from getting all blowed up by people that don’t find them particularly important or interesting.  We learn that the best way to save plants is to murder people, and also to nuke half of the plants you’re trying to save in order to murder more people.  Also, ROBOTS IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN!

Episode 84: Maniac Cop

In this episode, we take a look at the cult grindhouse movie, Maniac Cop! It’s got a ton of fan favorites in it, including Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon and Robert Zdar, but we have trouble getting very excited about what should have been a much more fun movie.  Also, Vigilante Viscount, how actors are like sharks and Megan’s Goon Squad finally gets a theme song.

Episode 83: Under Siege

In this episode, we were surprised to find that we actually really liked the Steven Seagal “Die Hard on a boat” movie, Under Siege!  Eric does some Navy ship fact checking, Megan learns how to properly say “forecastle” and Gary Busey dresses in drag for no real reason of great consequence except that it channels his Busey-ness to the max. Seagal doesn’t really run in this movie, but it’s a favorite thing of Megan, so enjoy this bonus video as well.

Episode 82: Earth Girls Are Easy

In this episode, we put on our 80s glasses to take a look at Earth Girls Are Easy, and see what happens when aliens crash land in a valley girl’s swimming pool.  Shirtless Jeff Goldblum did a lot for Megan in her formative years because tall, dark and nerdy is the exact recipe for her TV and/or Movie Boyfriends.  Also, Julie Brown was a thing even though Eric thinks she’s dead. (she’s not dead)