Episode 87: Psycho(s)

This week, we continue on the Ed Gein horror train by looking at Psycho – the original Alfred Hitchcock thriller AND the totally unnecessary shot-for-shot remake by Gus Van Sant! Dr. Ahlgren spends a bit of time analyzing ol’ Eddie and Megan floats her conspiracy theory about how It’s a Wonderful Life is actually not so wonderful.

One thought on “Episode 87: Psycho(s)

  1. This was a good episode, getting into all of the psychology and mores of the time. Even though I’ve seen _Psycho_ – take two guesses as to which scenes I found most memorable – discussing it makes a case for why it’s a special and important film. My critique would be that irrespective of whether you’ve read the whole thing, it’s probably worth incorporating some discussion about Robert Bloch’s novel, which I understand is a little more salacious than the film and is the true “original” version of this story. Supposedly he swore up and down that he only became aware of Ed Gein as he was putting the finishing touches on the thing…

    As for the remake being thoroughly unnecessary and a waste of everyone’s time that didn’t really have a point, that sort of describes the filmography of Gus Van Sant as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m with Eric on _It’s A Wonderful Life_: Mr. Potter doesn’t need to brought down because the movie is not about Mr. Potter. The story, whether you buy into the sentimentality or not, is about life being worth living because humanity is basically good (or at least capable of moments of grace) in spite of an unjust world that is and always will be stacked against the little guy. Anyway, the movie is probably worth seeing once as a person who watches movies (I quite liked it the one time I saw it 25 years ago), although watching something out of obligation is never much fun, so, uh, maybe sometime?

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