Episode 97: It’s a Hallmark Channel Christmas!

In this episode, we fell on a Christmas grenade for you, our listeners, and watched two of the holiday offerings currently in rotation on the Hallmark Channel – Christmas Under Wraps and The Christmas Cottage. Both of them have very little to do with actual Christmas, no conflict and so much bland that oatmeal seems incredibly spicy in comparison.  Also, the commercials would like you to DRINK WINE.

Episode 96: Christmas Horror Cavalcade!

In this episode, we open up a big Christmas stocking full of holiday horror movies because five gifts is better than one, even if some of those gifts are the kind that you probably re-gift to people at your office Xmas party.  We tackle: Christmas Evil (1980), Blood Beat (1983), Dead End (2003), Silent Night Deadly Night (1984) and Black Christmas (1974).  Which will be fruitcake re-gifts and which will be holiday treasures (and which was the one Megan fell asleep in twice)?

Episode 95: Stanley

In this episode, we take a look at the 1972 b-movie about the misadventures of a man and his snake, Stanley! If you enjoy dressing up your pets with tiny hats, having them get faked married to each other and also using them to murder people you don’t like, this is the film for you!  Also, it has a weird b-plot involving a down and out burlesque theater and equally down and out burlesque performer, so Megan has opinions.