Episode 95: Stanley

In this episode, we take a look at the 1972 b-movie about the misadventures of a man and his snake, Stanley! If you enjoy dressing up your pets with tiny hats, having them get faked married to each other and also using them to murder people you don’t like, this is the film for you! ¬†Also, it has a weird b-plot involving a down and out burlesque theater and equally down and out burlesque performer, so Megan has opinions.

Episode 94: Moonraker

In this episode, we take our first look at the James Bond franchise with the Roger Moore foray into space, Moonraker! It’s a kitchen sink of set pieces, scenery chewing and a few random good bits, mostly thanks to Richard Kiel and a pigeon doing a triple take.¬† That pigeon is really good.