Episode 101: B-Fest Double Feature!

In celebration of our favorite weekend (which we sadly weren’t able to go to this year), we watched a double feature of B-Fest movies from the 2018 lineup of films!  First up, we saw a confusing live action Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon disguised as a western called The Villain, starring Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann-Margret’s boobs and a horse named Whiskey, which also included every 1970s character actor that Eric has on speed dial in his brain but you’ve probably never heard of.  Our second pick was Dolls, starring the guy that took over the Puppet Master franchise and pretty much nobody else, which is pretty much just that one part of Barbarella Megan likes a lot and isn’t mad that she watched for 77 minutes.  Happy B-Fest everyone!

One thought on “Episode 101: B-Fest Double Feature!

  1. Sorry you couldn’t make it – discovered this podcast about a year ago entirely because of my B-fest obsession, and was hoping to meet face to face. Next year, maybe?

    I do have to correct a misconception, which wasn’t helped by the confusion on the lineup: we did NOT watch the Ursula Andress _She_. We watched a bonkers movie that as far as I know is unrelated to the other _She_s… our _She_ came out in either 1982 or 1984 (the Internet seems confused about that one) and stars Sandahl Bergman. There are Norcs, but nobody knows why.

    I always want to call _The Villain_ “The Outlaw” too. The biggest thing you missed by not seeing it with the group was watching an audience slowly figure out what the movie was, and see it win us over, and then lose us, over and over. There was palpable glee when people realized that the movie seriously was going to go through with recreating the old Roadrunner painted-tunnel gag. And then palpable disgust at any scene with the allegedly funny drunken Native Americans. The ending played pretty well with the B-fest crowd, and we all loved Whiskey.

    And yeah, _Dolls_ was a lot of fun – one of maybe two movies of the entire Fest that was not at least 15 minutes longer than it should have been. It seemed insane and cheap enough that it totally fit in, more so than other movies that are maybe “too good” for B-fest.

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