Episode 109: Cool as Ice

In this episode, we take a look at the 1991 Vanilla Ice star turn, Cool as Ice!  It’s an artifact direct from the 90s, chock full of dumb dialogue and a dumber plot, plus one of the most confusing houses in any film ever, that sort of looks like Peewee’s Playhouse barfed up something by Memphis Design Group. They have a romantic date at a construction site, there’s a kidnapping and also talk about Ronis.  WORD

One thought on “Episode 109: Cool as Ice

  1. I’ve seen many movies worse than _Cool As Ice_, but I’ve never so badly wanted to punch a whole a movie in the face. Glad someone finds it fun rather than insufferable, I guess?

    For the closing music which you post whilst knowing nothing of copyright law, I was hoping for “Cold As Ice” (Foreigner).

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