Episode 121: Attack of the Giant Leeches

In this episode, we take a look at the 1959 giant monster movie, Attack of the Leeches!  Shot over the course of eight days by Roger and Gene Corman, this film is basically the equivalent of that dinner you make from the leftover stuff in your fridge because you just happen to have it on hand and it’s gonna go bad if you don’t use it up.  We learn that dynamite solves all scientific problems, Megan has a thing for late 1950s swim trunks and if you remove the actual giant leeches from this picture, you have a fairly decent Tennessee Williams play.  ALSO: Megan’s on the hunt for Thunder in Paradise fan fiction.  If you find it (or write it), send it to us at cinemasupercast@gmail.com – for serious.

Episode 120: The Apple

In this episode, we take a look at the 1980 movie musical and attempt at biblical allegory, The Apple! It’s not a masterpiece, to be sure, but it’s full of campy goodness and holographic sparkles and big dumb fun.  The songs aren’t great and the lyrics aren’t subtle, but somehow it’s still a little confusing as to what the hell is happening. All we can say is… DO THE BIM

Episode 119: The Manipulator

In this episode, we watch The Manipulator, a 1971 film that shows Mickey Rooney as a man unhinged, tormenting a kidnapped woman with bad dialogue and bizarre acting choices.  Penned and directed by Yabo Yablonsky (I wish we made that name up, but we DID NOT), The Manipulator shows actors trapped in weird material that most film students grow out of by graduation.  Eric liked it, Megan’s seen things like it too many times in acting class to recommend it.

Episode 118: Sssssss

In this episode, we take a look at the snake sci fi movie that sounds like air escaping from a tire, Sssssss!  It’s chock full of actors who had/would have careers bigger and brighter than this film would suggest, including Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict and Reb Brown, in his movie debut. It’s no Stanley, but if you like movies where people are hell bent on creating their own special rice of pipple, you might want to check it out.