Episode 129: Night of the Creeps

In this episode, we take a look at the 1986 horror comedy film, Night of the Creeps!  This alien invasion/monster movie/b-movie love letter by writer/directer Fred Dekker hands down provides us with the finest performance ever turned in by Tom Atkins.  Many thanks to our friend Adam from Canada for suggesting this one to us!

One thought on “Episode 129: Night of the Creeps

  1. I’m so glad you liked the movie. The last time I saw it was on Betamax, and we just watched it on Blu-ray last night. There were two things that bothered me, the first being the pristine quality of the picture. I’m used to seeing scratches and other film texture on movies like this, but this one was so clean it was a bit distracting. This became less of an issue once I got into the story. The other thing was the restored ending, which I didn’t like. I loved the short jump scare ending followed by “The Stroll” over the credits, but that’s just me. It was very interesting to hear that your fresh eyes liked the restored version better. The issue I have is when film makers screw around with something that many people love. Another example is Frank Oz’s cut of “Little Shop of Horrors.” If you are going to dramatically change the ending of a beloved movie, make sure that the viewer can watch whichever cut they prefer. On the good side, the disk has a ton of extras that any fan of the movie will really appreciate, including the original ending. Anyways, I really enjoyed hearing you talk about it, and am looking forward to your next episode.

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