Episode 147: B-Fest 2019

In this episode, we talk about this year’s edition of B-Fest, a 24 hour movie marathon of dubious cinematic achievements that takes place at Northwestern University!  We made it through most of the lineup (until Megan needed to leave for sanity related reasons) and it was overall a fairly painless experience.  Did you go?  What were your high points and low points?

3 thoughts on “Episode 147: B-Fest 2019

  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words! Just to clarify a few points and provide some of my hot takes:

    -I’ve been doing GoFundMe fundraisers for the B Fest discs for three or four years now. Whichever one has “Wasting Someone Else’s Money For A Change” on it is the first fundraised disc.
    -The seersucker suit was $22.00 on eBay, and the shipping costs were nearly forty bucks.
    -The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie did an episode on “Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness” in year one. Thanks for the plug!
    -I saw “Nothing But Trouble” in a second-run theater in 1991, and hated it.
    -I was sitting next to a dude who hadn’t seen “Plan 9 From Outer Space” before for this year’s viewing and he enjoyed it so much I got a contact high from his enjoyment. Best viewing in at least five years.
    -Next year’s disc should have something from “Lisztomania!” on it, something from “Nothing But Trouble” on it, and the theme from “Get Crazy”.
    -My drive is six hours long; I’m leaving from Ann Arbor these days. I drive down on Tuesday of the Fest week and drive back home on Sunday after the Fest.
    -This was my nineteenth B Fest. I’m still planning to be there next time.
    -My guess for the reasons things were more subdued this year is that there weren’t as many long-time attendees there because of the late notification. There’s about six or eight people from my faction who couldn’t make it this time.
    -Next year I want to sponsor “Master of the Flying Guillotine”. Yes, I have a thing I’m going to do on stage for it.

  2. Marjoe Gortner March-awesome. Does this mean you’ll do “Star Crash?” I hope so. It’s awesomely funny/bad. David Hasselhoff! Christopher Plummer who wishes he had been in a better movie, Bond babe Caroline Munro as Stella Star. I love it.

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