We’re Moving!

Hey folks! Just a quick announcement – we have to move the podcast to a new web host, which means at some point this week things may be a little out of order while we transfer the WordPress site and all the episode files to the new host. Eric and I have absolutely no idea what we’re doing, but we’re still hoping that we can get things moved with as little downtime and tears as possible.  Fingers crossed we’ll be up and running with no problems.

Episode 163: Superstarlet A.D.

It’s September, and we’ve declared it Troma Month!  First up is the extremely perplexing, comedy-musical-noir-exploitation-put your genre here film, Superstarlet A.D.  We watched it and we’re still not sure what the hell happened or why it happened or what is life.  Megan talks about burlesque because that’s what she does, but it’s actually the only part of the entire thing that makes sense.