Episode 91: Moon Zero Two

In this episode, we take a look at the “first moon western,” Moon Zero Two! It’s not high art, but it’s definitely fun.  Megan mostly wanted to watch it to talk about the Moon Fly Girls, and highly recommends everyone get their turkey choreography and butt feather costumes ready for Thanksgiving.

Virtual Screenings for the New Year!

Hey Movie Smashers! We’ve got a bunch of new virtual screening dates for you to enjoy! We’re adding them to our event calendar, but in case you want them all in the same place, here you go:

Jan 11 – Thunder in Paradise
Jan 25 – High School USA
Feb 8 – Corvette Summer
Feb 22 – Sword of the Valiant
Mar 8 – Roller Boogie
Mar 22 – Curse of the Wolf

As always, these are on Wednesday nights starting at 8pm Central Time. Check the individual events for links or info to where the movies are streaming. Bring your snark and your popcorn!

Episode 46: White Christmas

In this episode, we take a look at Megan’s favorite holiday film, White Christmas!  It’s a movie that is approximately 40% story/60% song and dance numbers which asks the question, “what do you do with a general?” once they’ve been put out to pasture.  Also, Megan wants to know who actually thinks buttermilk and sandwiches is a desirable midnight snack.

Episode 45: Krampus

In this episode, we take a look at the 2015 holiday horror film, Krampus!  We ask the question of “what happens when you stop believing in Santa and wish your family would fuck off?”  The answer is, of course, everyone is menaced by a hellish Christmas demon and its goons, possibly killed and probably forced to live out their days trapped in the mashup of a Norman Rockwell holiday picture and actual hell.  Also, Megan is sad and also has a bad Russian accent for reasons.

Episode 44: Two Front Teeth

In this episode, we take a look at the incredibly satisfying holiday horror comedy, Two Front Teeth!  Let’s spend Christmas with the Snows, as they embark on a hero’s journey that involves ghoulish elves, X-mas conspiracies and a vampire Santa. Also, Megan discusses the Meisner technique, and how you can use it to effectively portray bored extras and befuddled protagonists.

Episode 32: Vamp

In this episode, we watched a Grace Jones movie that Megan had never seen before, the 1986 “After Hours” knockoff with vampires, Vamp.  It’s sort of a disservice to call this a Grace Jones film because she has no actual lines in it and is only on screen for about ten minutes total.  We hated it, which made Megan really sad because the idea of Grace Jones as a queen stripper vampire from Egypt sounds AMAZING.

Episode 29: It Conquered the World

In this episode, we take a look at the infamous Roger Corman b-movie, It Conquered the World!  Beverly Garland kicks butt, Lee Van Cleef sells out the human race and we learn exactly why it’s so important to leave the horrifying details of your alien menace in the imaginations of your viewers.  If you don’t, you find yourself staring down a medium-ish sea cucumber with tentacles and a badly rendered face.

Episode 28: Roller Boogie

In this episode, we head down to Venice Beach with Linda Blair and take a whirl at Roller Boogie!  This movie is a ton of fun, has a lot of actual talented roller boogie-rs doing their thing and BUTTS.  Roller Boogie wants you to remember butts. Also, Megan warns of the dangers of making out on the beach.