Cinema Supercollider V-Fest

As our listeners know, we love us some bad movies.  One of our favorite things to do every year is go to B-Fest, a 24-hour film festival that shows b-movies and cult films at Northwestern University. One of our other favorite things to do is host livetweet events for our listeners where we watch a “virtual screening” of a movie and riff it, 140 characters at a time.  So we’re going to take a go at putting together our very own virtual film fest chock full of all the best badness we can stream for free on the internet.

Starting on Saturday, May 6th at 1pm and running for 24 hours until Sunday, May 7th at 1pm, Cinema Supercollider V-Fest will be screening movies and a variety of short subject video garbage on a special YouTube playlist.  We’d love for you to join us for as much or as little as you feel like doing.

“But that’s a lot of movies to watch!”  YES IT IS, it’s a challenge!  But the beauty of V-Fest is that we’ll be posting a schedule of the films so you can join in or drop out as you see fit. Everything we watch will be free streaming on YouTube and the movies will all have official start times so that we can be watching the same stuff at the same time.  Just hop on the internet and watch some regrettable cinematic achievements, and if you feel like it, fire up the Twitter machine and livetweet along with the rest of us.  We’ll have breaks between the movies so you can get up and stretch, order GrubHub or whatnot, but Megan will also have various weird shorts, cartoons, video artifacts and other bizarre things that you can watch in between during the breaks.

The official schedule of movies will be posted on Monday, May 1st along with the links to the YouTube playlist and each individual movie. Mark your calendars!  Join us on our movie marathon!  Who needs sleep when you have movies to watch?