Episode 101: B-Fest Double Feature!

In celebration of our favorite weekend (which we sadly weren’t able to go to this year), we watched a double feature of B-Fest movies from the 2018 lineup of films!  First up, we saw a confusing live action Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote cartoon disguised as a western called The Villain, starring Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann-Margret’s boobs and a horse named Whiskey, which also included every 1970s character actor that Eric has on speed dial in his brain but you’ve probably never heard of.  Our second pick was Dolls, starring the guy that took over the Puppet Master franchise and pretty much nobody else, which is pretty much just that one part of Barbarella Megan likes a lot and isn’t mad that she watched for 77 minutes.  Happy B-Fest everyone!

Episode 100: Snowpiercer

We celebrate our 100th episode by finally tackling Megan’s white whale… Snowpiercer!  It’s a special gift to us on this Cinema Supercollider milestone that we will never, ever, ever have to watch this rage inducing piece of filmmaking again.

Episode 99: The Girl Most Likely To…

In this episode, we look at the Stockard Channing made-for-TV movie about an ugly duckling turned beautiful swan out for revenge, The Girl Most Likely To…!  When life gets you down, a car accident will fix everything, including your face.  We also learn that all of those random electives you took in college, while worthless in day to day life, are actually perfect for expanding the skill sets of any aspiring serial killers out there.

Episode 98: Sports of the Future

Happy New Year, loyal listeners! Why huddle around your television sets to watch modern day football today when you could treat yourself to the sportsball of the future, like those seen in The Blood of Heroes and Rollerball?  Those were the movies we watched for this week and they involve a lot more death than tossing around the ol’ pigskin does.

Episode 97: It’s a Hallmark Channel Christmas!

In this episode, we fell on a Christmas grenade for you, our listeners, and watched two of the holiday offerings currently in rotation on the Hallmark Channel – Christmas Under Wraps and The Christmas Cottage. Both of them have very little to do with actual Christmas, no conflict and so much bland that oatmeal seems incredibly spicy in comparison.  Also, the commercials would like you to DRINK WINE.

Episode 96: Christmas Horror Cavalcade!

In this episode, we open up a big Christmas stocking full of holiday horror movies because five gifts is better than one, even if some of those gifts are the kind that you probably re-gift to people at your office Xmas party.  We tackle: Christmas Evil (1980), Blood Beat (1983), Dead End (2003), Silent Night Deadly Night (1984) and Black Christmas (1974).  Which will be fruitcake re-gifts and which will be holiday treasures (and which was the one Megan fell asleep in twice)?

Episode 95: Stanley

In this episode, we take a look at the 1972 b-movie about the misadventures of a man and his snake, Stanley! If you enjoy dressing up your pets with tiny hats, having them get faked married to each other and also using them to murder people you don’t like, this is the film for you!  Also, it has a weird b-plot involving a down and out burlesque theater and equally down and out burlesque performer, so Megan has opinions.

Episode 94: Moonraker

In this episode, we take our first look at the James Bond franchise with the Roger Moore foray into space, Moonraker! It’s a kitchen sink of set pieces, scenery chewing and a few random good bits, mostly thanks to Richard Kiel and a pigeon doing a triple take.  That pigeon is really good.

Episode 92: Cat People

In this episode, we take a look at the 1942 Val Lewton psycho thriller that is barely a monster movie, Cat People!  We really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit about the art of subtle scares, including the infamous “Lewton bus” and the lost allure of heavily pleated men’s pants. Also, the 1982 remake of Cat People is just dreadful except for that David Bowie song.