Episode 53: And That’s How You Get Ants

In this episode, we take a look at TWO movies about those picnic ruining insects, ants! We’ve got giant ants with the 1954 sci fi film that is definitely not about communism, Them! and we’ve also got super intelligent hive mind ants in the 1974 hard sci fi film, Phase IV, that just want to tell us about circles and squares and maybe take over the world. And in case they happen to be listening RIGHT NOW – Megan and Eric would just like to welcome our new insect overlords.

Episode 52: Ice Pirates

In this episode, we take a look at the Robert Urich helmed space comedy pirate movie, Ice Pirates! It’s a big, dumb pile of pirate fun that is totally in on the joke and laughs at itself and its low budget. Also, Megan really like tiny burros and piglets and would suggest more movies make use of them.

Outro music: When I’m 64
written by Paul McCartney
performed by The Mona Lisa Twins
For more info, visit http://www.monalisa-twins.com

Episode 51: B-Fest 2017

In this episode, we recap our experience at B-Fest 2017, the annual 24 hour b-movie film festival from A&O Productions at Northwestern University.  We survived almost the entire thing and run down which films we liked, disliked and (in Megan’s case) slept through.  For more information about B-Fest and its history, visit the official website online at http://www.b-fest.com

Episode 50: Head

In this episode, we take a look at the 1968 psychedelic music satire, Head! We discuss the Monkees, the strange circumstances that caused this film to be made (lots of acid is just ONE of the reasons) and why it didn’t do the thing they made it to do.  Also, we give you the gift of many Monkees songs, which are the ear worm songs of the gods.

Episode 49: Predators

In this episode, we take a look at the 2010 sci fi horror film, Predators!  It’s got a cast full of notable actors, including Adrian Brody and Lawrence Fishburne… for some reason, and it’s chock full of both classic and super badass Predators. It also teaches us that you should always keep an eye out for Topher Grace because he’s EEEEVIL, that Predators are apparently amateur detectives that solve crimes and that Eric can channel Barbra Streisand to make up songs about killing people.  Also, we explain some of the unofficial Cinema Supercollider drinking game.

Virtual Screenings for the New Year!

Hey Movie Smashers! We’ve got a bunch of new virtual screening dates for you to enjoy! We’re adding them to our event calendar, but in case you want them all in the same place, here you go:

Jan 11 – Thunder in Paradise
Jan 25 – High School USA
Feb 8 – Corvette Summer
Feb 22 – Sword of the Valiant
Mar 8 – Roller Boogie
Mar 22 – Curse of the Wolf

As always, these are on Wednesday nights starting at 8pm Central Time. Check the individual events for links or info to where the movies are streaming. Bring your snark and your popcorn!

Episode 48: The Avengers

In this episode, we’re talking about the Avengers!  Not the Marvel superhero Avengers, however, but the 1960s fan favorites from the BBC. We took a look at the actual television show (which we like!) and then watched the 1998 big budget film flop starring Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes (which we DO NOT LIKE).  Also, Megan gets angry about how movies and TV portray women on screen.

Episode 47: They Live

In this episode, we take another look at the acting career of Roddy Piper in the film that demanded that you OBEY, the 1988 sci fi film, They Live!  Eric has much to say about the politics of both the movie and how they mirror what’s happening in current times while Megan finally has a chance to talk about our real space overlords, the Reptilians.

Episode 46: White Christmas

In this episode, we take a look at Megan’s favorite holiday film, White Christmas!  It’s a movie that is approximately 40% story/60% song and dance numbers which asks the question, “what do you do with a general?” once they’ve been put out to pasture.  Also, Megan wants to know who actually thinks buttermilk and sandwiches is a desirable midnight snack.

Episode 45: Krampus

In this episode, we take a look at the 2015 holiday horror film, Krampus!  We ask the question of “what happens when you stop believing in Santa and wish your family would fuck off?”  The answer is, of course, everyone is menaced by a hellish Christmas demon and its goons, possibly killed and probably forced to live out their days trapped in the mashup of a Norman Rockwell holiday picture and actual hell.  Also, Megan is sad and also has a bad Russian accent for reasons.